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Summary Of Our Accomplishments

Dear Friends and Family,

Repair Restore And Grow Black Communities has embarked upon a second year of service to Black owned businesses in Chicago. By supporting our businesses we enhance their ability to circulate dollars in our communities. The circulation of dollars enhances the growth and sustenance of neighborhood resources. Black owned businesses hire Black people, provide entrepreneurial opportunities, use other Black businesses for services, support Black causes and present as role models for Black children. Working with our businesses has been enlightening, humbling and encouraging. Please know that Chicago is filled with a plethora of the most wonderful Black owned businesses in the world!

RRGBC has hosted over 70 Podcasts showcasing an array of Black Owned businesses within the city of Chicago.

RRGBC will shortly debut our directory with the businesses hosted on our podcasts.

RRGBC has fought relentlessly with longtime business owners to insure their continued service to the community.

One Eleven Food and Liquors was slighted during the plans for redevelopment / gentrification in the Garfield Park Community. Joining forces with Siri Hibbler of the Garfield Park Chamber of Commerce, RRGBC experienced the struggle and feeling of disappointment when local politicians and community organizations do not respond to your concerns and calls for help. After serving the westside community for 42 years, One Eleven Food And Liquors is closed.

RRGBC partnered with Open Mind Incorporated. ( to enhance the marketability and awareness of Black owned businesses by sponsoring the development of websites for Fifth City Preschool located in West Garfield Park and the House of Music in Chatham.

RRGBC joined forces and fought relentlessly with proprietor Sekou Tefari to stop the eviction of Frontline Bookstore in Hyde Park. We again went to battle and advocated on their behalf to the people, local media platforms, political officials, financial institutions, law firms, community activists and organizations. To enhance the awareness and support of Frontline, RRGBC sponsored a series of events including a musical concert with Maggie Brown, Robert Irvin III, Kwame Steve Cobb, presentations by local storytellers and authors including Dr. Vincent Johnson (Internist, Pediatrician and author of children’s books) , Mama Edie ( Internationally renowned storyteller) Pierre Jackson (Poet) Asadah Kirkland ( author of Beating Black Children and Bitcoin for Black People). Asadah also presented Soulful Chicago Book Fair where one can visit authors and purchase their books on her metaverse. These efforts provided the level of encouragement and support needed to continue Frontline’s mission to enlighten the community. Frontline will continue to serve at its new location 609A W. Howard St ,beginning sometime in early September.

RRGBC is leading the charge to encourage reading in our communities. We advocate for Black bookstores with a constant presence on our website. For nearly two years we have sponsored a monthly Book Give Away where a lucky subscriber receives a book selected by our bookstore of the month.

Chicago presents with a resurgence of Black Bookstores.

Frontline Bookstore, Hyde Park

Underground Bookstore, Chatham

Da Book Joint, Bronzeville

Soulful Chicago Bookstore, Pilsen

Semicolon Bookstore, Wicker Park

Afriware Bookstore, Maywood

Rose Cafe, online

Soulful Chicago Book Fair, on the Metaverse

RRGBC is pushing public policy by initiating a petition for local schools and libraries to give contracts to our local Black Owned bookstores. This effort serves to foster a more knowledgeable, positive and progressive consciousness in our communities through literacy. Please sign the petition at one of our bookstores or at

RRGBC is supporting the Underground Bookstore in Chatham by sponsoring a Community Literacy event September 17, 2022, 2pm to 6pm. Maggie Brown’s Band and The David Boykin’s Band will provide entertainment. The event will include a representation of Black Owned bookstores in Chicago , Black book clubs, Book Giveaways, Speakers and discussions addressing the joy and importance of Reading Black literature for adults and children to our Community.

RRGBC continues to encourage the support of the Southside Community Federal Credit Union, a Black owned institution that evolved to provide loans to Black people when other Banking institutions would not. This credit union has served our community since 2003 with classes in financial literacy, financial counseling, checking accounts, savings accounts, mortgage loans, car loans and personal loans.You can support by opening a bank account, which enables this institution to create dollars. 5401 S. Wentworth, Chgo. IL




The Chicago Band Roster

Stanley Johnson

Your dollars have greatly supported our work. Please go to , and become a subscriber if you have not already done so. Watch our weekly podcasts and follow our events.

RRGBC has not had a fundraiser since our inception in June 2020. Because of your contributions, in kind donations, the selfless work and use of personal resources presented by our board members, RRGBC is progressing with our mission.

Please make a DONATION today at and help us continue to circulate dollars in our communities by supporting Black businesses!


Denise Hetherington, Board President

Doris Lewis, Board Treasurer

Harvey Yarbrough, Board Secretary

website :

Address: 1507 E. 53rd. Steet #414, Chicago, Illinois 60615

Phone: 773-931-8846

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